Last Updated : 19-Aug-2017
Department » Journalism     

            The Department of Journalism focuses on Communication Studies, Print-Radio-Television Journalism studies, Media Theories, Mass Media in India. The department ensures accelerated involvement and participation of students in media studies, producing manuscript magazines, exhibitions, talks, films shows and open forums . Working in collaboration with the department of English, the Department has been instrumental in getting the students to bring out newsletters, showcase their talents through a 'Media Club', which encourages participatory discussions, reportage, simulation of press meets etc. Film shows, photo exhibitions and literary competitions are also regularly conducted. 

Journalism department is dedicated to media studies an communication studies with the conviction that media should be understood in their myriad dimensions as symbolic forms and meanings, cultural industries and technologies , and their complex interrelationships systematically explored.
The curriculum is aimed at providing students not only with all-round journalistic skills but also a clear understanding of the evolving media models and ensuring a positive outlook towards journalism. 


1 Muhammed Sabith Thoniyan Kizhakkayil