Last Updated : 19-Aug-2017
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 The K.M.M Govt. Women’s College, Kannur was established in the year 1975 and while beginning, four Pre-Degree Optional batches were present and Hindi was one among them. In the same period, Hindi as Part II Second Language was also existed. Initially there were two teachers in the Hindi Dept and afterwards when the Shift System was introduced, two Optional batches of P.D.C and Hindi as a Second Language for Degree Courses were also added. During this period there were three teachers in Hindi Department. In 2001 because of the de-linking of pre- Degree courses from the colleges, the number of teachers was reduced to one. At present there are 107 students for I B.A/ B.Sc and 105 for II B.A/B.Sc, studying Hindi as the Common Course. 


1 Dr. Omana Pankan