Last Updated : 19-Aug-2017

Admission to the various courses of study will be made subject to the rules in force from time to time.
1. Applications for admission should be made in the prescribed form which can be had from the college office on payment of Rs. 30 in cash or by M. O. and sending along a self-addressed envelope with the required postage within ten days after publication of the results of Higher Secondary for B.A. / B. Sc. admission.

2. List of applicants provisionally selected for admission will be published in the College notice board. Interview cards will be sent to such applicants by post and admissions made as per schedule fixed by the University. Corrections or errors, if any , in the provisional list should be brought to the notice of the Principal within 2 days of publication of such lists.
3. Admission will be made strictly on the basis of merit and in accordance with the admission rules framed by the Government and the University from time to time.

4. Applicants provisionally selected for admission will appear for an interview along with the parent/guardian on the date and time notified. They will be enrolled only after verification of all original certificates and records as required in the prospectus and payment of fees. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning any reason therefore.

5. Students enrolled will be assigned to a staff member through tutorial system for guidance and counselling. Each group tutor (the staff member in charge of a group of students) will keep regular watch over the progress and conduct of the students of her group and advise them about their studies in a general way. Leave of absence to students will be granted only if the applications for leave are forwarded through and recommended by the Group Tutor. No Conduct Certificate will ordinarily be issued to a student except on the recommendation of the Group Tutor. Stipends will be disbursed to eligible students only after proper recommendations from the Group Tutors. Progress cards will be issued to students and received from them by their respective Group Tutors.

6. Those who fail to attend the interview without prior intimation and without valid reasons will forfeit their chance for admission.

7. Chance card at the interview will be considered only in the event of any vacancies after admission of all applicants provisionally selected for the sure seats.
Fees at the following rates are payable by all students of the College:
(i) Tuition Fees .. Rs. 660 in 2 semesters for Degree classes
,, .. Rs. 1,100 in 2 semesters for PG classes.
The tuition fees for the first semester must be paid on the date of admission
together with the special fee and other fees as below:
(ii) Special Fees Rs.
(a) Admission fee .. 75 at the time of admission for Degree
classes ,, .. 150 at the time of admission for PG
(b) Library fee .. 50 for Degree classes
,, .. 75 for PG classes
(c) Medical inspection.. 5 at the time of admission and every
alternate year
(d) Calendar fee .. 15 per annum
(e) Games fee .. 75 ,,
(f) Stationery fee .. 25 ,,
(g) Magazine fee .. 35 ,,
(h) Association fee .. 25 ,,
(i) Visual Education fee.. 25 ,,
(j) Students Aid Fund .. 5 ,,
(k) Scouts and Guides.. 5 ,,
(l) Women’s Study .. 5 ,,
(m) Laboratory Fee
Physics/Chemistry .. 280 per annum Mathematics . 200 ,,
(iii) University Fees Rs.
(a) Matriculation fee .. 50 per annum
(b) Recognition fee .. 50 ,,
(c) Sports Affiliation fee .. 100 ,,
(d) University Union fee .. 100 ,,
(e) Students Affiliation fee .. 100 for Degree classes
and 200 for PG classes
(iv) Caution deposit .. 360 for degree classes
and 600 for PG classes
(v) Co-operative store
Membership .. 5